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It is widely recognized that the weakest link in any well designed cybersecurity posture are humans. Unaware staff can easily fall for social engineering scams such as phishing. Awareness can be raised through continuous training. A key cybersecurity best practice recommendation is for organizations to conduct regular phishing simulation exercises to help train staff on how to identify phishing emails. Simulated phishing training is a cornerstone of phishing awareness training solutions that help prevent phishing attacks and identity theft.


Email Veritas phishing e-mail simulator is a managed cloud service that delivers a cost effective and easy to use solution for phishing test and simulation, and anti-phishing training. Our phishing simulation tool provides a comprehensive and customizable phishing template library, which leverages concepts and tactics from the most sophisticated and up to date phishing campaigns. Phishing simulation or testing consists of controlled sending of misleading emails simulating real-world attacks to all or selected staff members, allowing the organization to identify the riskiest employees and implementing appropriate response. Continuous phishing attack simulation and training help your staff spot phishing threats, which are the starting point of most cyber attacks. This allows assessing the level of maturity and compliance with security policies by staff and provide powerful and cost-effective mitigation against key threat entry vectors in the organization's environment..

Phishing Simulator Solution

What is Email Veritas Phishing Simulator

Phishing simulation helps employees recognize, avoid, and report potential threats that can compromise critical business data and systems, including phishing, malware, ransomware, and spyware.

Secure your organization against emails threats, such as









Why email veritas



Available as a cloud service; no software to install

Real world phishing campaign simulations

Select from a large library of phishing email templates

Support data entry landing pages

Easy to use and customize

Tests can be scheduled to run at any time in the future

Real-time and visualized dashboard

Get reports showing staff who failed the current test


  • Wizard to create email and landing page
  • Library of email and landing pages
  • Detailed reports
  • Simulate Email Spoofing

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